Monday, April 27, 2009

Working smaller, not cheaper

With the lousy state of the economy right now I've had a couple of my galleries ask me if I wanted to lower any of my prices on work they're carrying. I can't see any reason to diminish the value of my work by lowering the price but I certainly understand the need to make more affordable art right now.

My experiment is to make more smaller pieces for the next who-knows-how-long. I've reworked a few of my favorite best selling pieces into smaller versions. Here's an experiment from a few weeks' back. I've taken what's essentially the same 8" sushi tray design (personally, I prefer to call them Dessert Trays!) and designed a few variations. This is a good way to push myself into trying colors, accents and combinations I may not ordinarily consider.

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Kerri O'Brien said...

Your work is beautiful!! I went to your website and really loved a lot of your pieces. You're so creative, keep up the good work!