Saturday, May 2, 2009

It may be a virtue...

...but I'm never going to learn patience! "You'll just have to be patient," my much-more-patient-husband David tells me, over and over. 

I've never been patient and I know I'll never become patient. Case in point; this photo of my kiln, loaded and almost full, which is the efficient way to fire. See the big empty space? The space that would have nicely fit another platter or bowl? It's empty—and remained so—because it was too late in the day for me to make another project and I simply couldn't wait to fire it up!

Really, who could wait? If I'd have had the patience to wait until the next day to make another piece, by the time they all fired it would be the next, next day!

I love working with glass. (Working? More like playing!) One of the first questions I had when I began was, how can I speed this up? Fusing glass is a slow, slow process. Almost anything you do to speed it up puts the glass at risk: risk of shattering, blowing bubbles, not annealing properly, etc. When I've researched a problem now and then the answer is almost always, "slow down."

Maybe discovering glass art is the universe's way of forcing me to be patient. 

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Ali Drew said...

I agree the fastest way to speed things up in the kiln is to go slower. After all 1 successful slow firing is faster then 1 fast failed one and one slower successful one. :-)