Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blog, Facebook and Website, oh my!

I'm still new enough at promotion-through-the-internet to be feeling a bit overwhelmed with exactly what I should be doing!

I've had a website for several years; that makes sense to me. I need a place to showcase my work and point galleries to when they're wanting to see a current collection of my inventory. I've recently streamlined my site a bit by putting up a more concise group of photos in the hope that I'll be able to update more frequently.

Recently, I was introduced to blogging and told that since it's so quick and easy, it's the perfect way to let customers know what's newsworthy or what's inspiring me today (notice I said "today"; if you know me, you know how quickly I jump from one concept to another). Each week, I've got a notation on my desk calendar that says, "BLOG!" along with my list of potential subjects.

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a Facebook business page that I apparently created with the intention of interacting with my peers, customers and other interested folks. Imagine my embarrassment when I saw that I had a small following of "fans" but no content on my page! So now I've added that to my growing "to do" list. Facebook is sort of like instant promo; I can zip in from the studio and in just a few seconds knock out a post and upload a photo of a piece still warm from the kiln! I was honored recently to see that Lani MacGregor, the owner of Bullseye Glass (where I buy my sheet glass and supplies) likes one of my photos!
I've added my Facebook link to the list on the right.

I guess as an artist who primarily works alone with my ipod and five cats, these are the kinds of strokes that are hard to resist. These days, you can bet that if I'm not in the studio coaxing glass to be my friend, I'll probably be playing show and tell and trying not to ignore any of my internet obligations!

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